Privacy Policy

At MHApptrack protecting your privacy is very important to us. We hope that the following statements will help you in understanding how MHAppTrack may collect, use and safeguard any personal information that you may provide to us while visiting our site. Providing our online application service requires us to collect, maintain and pass certain personal and financial customer information about you through DocuSign to specific Retail Manufactured Home Dealers. Protecting this private information is very important to us and is a high priority. For this reason, this policy will outline our procedures to constantly protect any private information you have entered into our online application system.

Customer Personal & Financial Informaiton
When you complete an online application with MHAppTrack, you are completing an online mortgage application specifically for a designated Manufactured Home Retailer that is using our services. Through our application service, NO financial information is ever stored on our servers at any time. The only information that is kept for tracking purposes include you name, email and phone number. All other information that is entered into our online application is securely transferred directly to DocuSign using DocuSign's secured system. DocuSign then handles the security of the application between you and the Manufactured Home Retailer.

Stored Information We Retain
Consumer names, emails and phone numbers we retain through the application process is always kept private and secure. At no time will any of your personal information be shared or sold to a third party outside of our marketing service providers and affiliates as permitted by law. We value your privacy and have taken the proper measures to assure that your information remains private.

Receiving Authorized Communications
When completing an online application through MHAppTrack, you are agreeing to complete the application for the specified Manufactured Home Retailer that is listed within the application. The specified Manufactured Home Retailer will receive your application from DocuSign which you agree to. Within this process you also agree to receive direct communications from the Manufactured Home Retailer regarding the application.

Questions Regarding Our Privacy Policy
If a customer has a question regarding our privacy policy or wants further information about our privacy policy, they may contact us by using our contact form located on our website for an immediate response. When contacting us please describe your question or concern completely in the text body of the comment or question.

Changes Made To Our Privacy Policy
From time to time, we make changes to our privacy policy. All changes to our privacy policy will be posted here, and it is the individual's, consumer's or any other associated party's responsibility to frequently check our privacy policy for such changes.

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